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We are excited to announce that Accessibility Code Etc is now accepting all major credit cards. Just let us know and we will generate an electronic invoice and send it to your email or as a text message with a secure link to accept electronic payments of all kinds.

Who we are...

Accessibility Code Etc is a professional consulting firm dedicated to serving the Owners, General Contractors, Property Managements, Architects, Interior Designers, and Landscape Designers. New Construction, Additions to an existing facility, Renovations, and Tenant Finish-outs regarding compliance with the Texas Architectural Barriers Act and Texas Accessibility Standards.

What we do...

We offer Project Registration, Plan Review and Final Inspection to ensure compliance with the Texas Architectural Barriers Act and the Texas Accessibility Standards. 

We also offer site assessments, consultation and construction document coordination for our clients.

Who we serve...

We service the entire geographic state of Texas! Including Austin, Waco, Houston, El Paso, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Corpus Christi and all cities and towns and counties in between.

Certification and Memberships

City of Austin 

Certified Minority / Women Owned Business

Certified HUB (MBE/WBE/DBE)

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Sometimes during construction things just do not go as planned. Or maybe you are just concerned about meeting some particular aspect concerning Accessibility Compliance. For whatever reason you may have a concern, breaking concrete and reforming can be very expensive and time consuming! You do not want to wait until the final inspection to find out that your beautiful concrete ramp is 2 inches too narrow and 3% over slope! A quick 1 or 2 hour on site consultation can answer your questions and maybe prevent a costly mistake.

Please contact us to discuss pricing and availability...


Calling all CONTRACTORS! General or Concrete or Metal.

You might be worried that the Designers and Architects or even the owners who hired you may not have given you the latest plans with all of the corrections and markups to meet compliance with state accessibility standards. And you might just be right!

A quick on-site consultation might save you days of rework and thousands of $$$$ in wasted material and effort.

Get that ramp right the first time and make sure that those fixtures the interior designer ordered meet state standards.

Site Assessments...

We offer Site Assessments for those clients wanting or needing more information regarding the Accessible Compliance of a given site. Whether you are planning to buy/sell or just renovate an existing building we can help you recognize and plan for needed upgrades to bring the project into compliance.

Please contact us to discuss pricing and availability...

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