There are two options for registering projects with the Texas Dept. of Licensing and Regulation.

I would be happy to register your project for you.


You may register the project yourself at the TDLR's Online Project Registration Website. However, If you choose to register the project online, be sure to do the following:

At the steps "Select Registered Accessibility Specialist (RAS)", enter RAS License Number 336.

When you are finished, print the resulting AB Project Registration Project Details Page and send us a copy of this document with the submission package. Or you may fully hand complete a paper Architectural Barriers Project Registration Form and include it with the rest of the submission package.

Further Information

If you submit the above Registration form 005AB with your submission package to me to be registered, then you must include the Project Filing Fee and Administration Fee per my Fee Schedule. When I receive your submission, I will then register the project for you. Please contact me for Service Fees at


If you encounter problems or are unsure how to register the project online, call me at (512) 791-3112 or send me a completed Project Registration form and I'll be glad to register it for you.

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